inviCRO’s chemistry team has expertise in radiolabeling a wide range of compounds including small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, nanoparticles and cells to support nonclinical and translational research. Utilizing both in-house expertise and facilities along with a network of collaborators and consultants, we have access to a renowned network of knowledge in the field.

inviCRO’s capabilities include:

  • Strategy and method development for radiolabeling small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, nanoparticles and cells
  • Synthesis of PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals
  • A dedicated state-of-the-art cyclotron facility for production of short-lived isotopes
  • Quality control and immunoreactivity assays for tracer validation
  • Cell and/or tissue binding and cell internalization assay method development


  • Experienced in projects with the following isotopes:

    PET Isotope 11C 68Ga 18F 64Cu 89Zr 124I 52Mn
    Half-life 20.3 min 67.7 min 109.8 min 12.7 hours 78.4 hours 4.2 days 5.6 days

    SPECT Isotope 99mTc 123I 188Re 203Pb 67Cu 201Tl 111ln 67Ga 186Re 177Lu 131I 125I 75Se
    Half-life 6.0 hours 13.2 hours 17 hours 51.9 hours 61.8 hours 72.9 hours 2.8 days 3.3 days 3.7 days 6.7 days 8.0 days 59.4 days 119.8 days

    Other Isotopes 213Bi 90Y 225Ac 32P 3H 14C
    Half-life 45.6 min 64.1 hours 10.0 days 14.3 days 12.3 years 5730 years

    In addition to the above isotopes, we also support conjugation with fluorophores as well as ‘cold’ radiolabeling with non-radioactive elements.

  • Radiotracers are produced at two US sites and one UK site. Local distribution is available (please inquire for information/availability).

  • Through our partner MedChem Imaging, inviCRO can also assist with compound library development for ligands optimized for radiolabeling and imaging.