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Plugin modules address the challenging bottlenecks imaging laboratories face in post-collection processing and analysis procedures. Our modules, available as plug-ins for either iPACS® or

Quantify dynamic responses across brain regions in PET, SPECT and MR brain scans

Designed to provide a rigorous and repeatable means of analyzing pre-clinical brain images, Invicro’s brain analysis tools will improve the quality and efficiency of your site’s neurological studies. The tools quantify single acquisition and dynamic response across brain regions in PET, SPECT and MRI brain scans. Automated fusion routines register an application-specific brain atlas to pre-clinical image data (or vice versa) and advanced statistical analysis methods are employed to provide rapid and thorough region-specific volume and uptake quantification.

Key features

  • Fully or semi-automated brain segmentation from pre-clinical image data eliminates the need to hand-draw ROIs. 2D and 3D analysis options are available. A flexible atlas/key structure enables user-definable region groups.
  • Easy QC and intuitive reorientation tools enable follow-up analysis and incorporate manual correction.
  • Batch-process can be used with hundreds of data sets.
  • Mouse, rat, and monkey species atlases can be provided.
  • Optional resampling (i.e., produce results with subsampled voxels).
  • Export results as spreadsheets, allowing for easy post-processing using your site’s pre-existing tools.
  • Analysis of nuclear medicine brain images available.


The nuclear medicine brain-atlas processing module

This tool provides quantification and analysis for neurological pre-clinical images. Anatomical data (i.e., a CT of the head region) are used for registration of a customizable brain atlas to PET or SPECT data, providing region-based volume and quantification information. Choose between fitting the data to an atlas or vice versa depending on the importance of data sensitivity and region preservation to your application. When the analysis is complete, the tool provides comprehensive output that is designed to simplify any additional processing.

Analysis of MRI brain images

Invicro’s MRI brain-atlas processing tools offer rapid analysis of structural and functional pre-clinical data. A wide range of analysis options are used to generate output images and spreadsheets, valuable in the assessment of volumetric and signal changes for structural or functional procedures.
The module first identifies matching 2D MR slices with their corresponding atlas slice. A semi-automated 2D slice-by-slice segmentation routine then finds the brain region and allows for customization of the ROI with just a few clicks. Following the registration of the matched atlas slices to their MR counterparts, ignore “bad” slices or time points with the tool’s automated and user-provided “avoidance” feature if necessary. Region, slice and voxel-based AFNI processing, including percent-change maps and optional hemisphere processing, is then performed, generating quantitative and qualitative output.

Output data: spreadsheet

A spreadsheet is included as part of the output from the routine. This file contains columns for each data set included in the analysis. These columns include patient names, series descriptions and volume and concentration information for each region of the brain included in the atlas.

Tumor segmentation processing

Enables high-throughput automated identification, segmentation and analysis of SPECT and PET xenograft tumor data

Above is an example output of the module’s segmentation and analysis for a CT/SPECT data set showing the identified tumor in green and the associated radial profile plot.

Invicro’s Automated Tumor Segmentation and Advanced Data Processing Module addresses one of the most challenging bottlenecks in preclinical imaging efforts: the time-intensive process of analyzing image data. Without automated tools, image analysis requires a large number of manpower hours to identify regions of interest, derive statistical information and create reports and graphs that properly document results. Invicro’s tumor segmentation module provides an automated solution enabling high-throughput identification, segmentation and analysis of SPECT and PET xenograft tumor data, vastly reducing the amount of time needed to extract data from imaging studies.

Tumor segmentation works on batch processing out of the iPACS

With this module, processing and quality verification of entire cohorts of image data is performed in batches on the iPACS® server. Individual image analysis and ROI modification are supported seamlessly by VivoQuant®. The iPACS batch-processing functionality offers numerous  segmentation methods to ensure reliable and repeatable tumor characterization.

Tumor segmentation processing can be manually adjusted through
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