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VivoQuant® is a complete post-processing suite for image data combining fundamental viewing functionality with powerful analysis capabilities. VivoQuant® “VQ” supports data from most imaging modalities including MR, PET, SPECT, CT and Optical. DICOM, NifTI and raw data can be imported. Many proprietary and non-DICOM formats are also supported.

Multiple display modes including orthogonal views, slice views, special co-registration multi-views as well as 3D MIP and volume renderings allow users to optimally view information of interest. Built-in tools allow the imaging scientist to extract the information she or he needs with minimal effort. Powerful tools for fine-tuning images and isolating, drawing and analyzing 3D regions of interest are included.

In addition to VQ’s standard features, add-ons are available, including:

  • High throughput modules (HTmVQ). These plugins modules address the challenging bottlenecks imaging laboratories face in post-collection processing and analysis procedures by automating frequently used routines.
  • Integration with iPACS®. iPACS is Invicro’s web-based project management system designed for in vivo imaging applications. This platform allows for the efficient management, distribution, analysis and presentation of images and data associated with studies.
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Why VivoQuant

VivoQuant® Image Analysis Suite : powerful viewing features and processing features

  • MacOS-X, Windows and Linux compatible.
  • Quantification, reorientation, measurement and manipulation.
  • Landmark- and mutual-information.
  • Manual to automatic segmentation.
  • Multi-modal registration.
  • Specific activity calculator and dosimetry tool.
  • VivoScript platform for batch processing.
  • Multi-planar reconstruction.
  • Tile and multi-view.
  • DICOM 3.0 compatible as well as non DICOM format.
  • Image magnification and image: movie export (multi-format).
  • 3D ROI tool: classify each voxel.
  • Raw and vendor data importer.
  • MIP and volume rendering.
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready.
  • And so much more: Look at the VivoQuant® features in details here.

High throughput modules for VivoQuant®: HTmVQ

Read more about HTmQ features

High throughput modules address the challenging bottlenecks imaging laboratories face in post-collection processing and analysis procedures. Our modules, available as plug-ins for either iPACS® or VivoQuant®, automate frequently used routines, saving pre-clinical imaging researchers significant amounts of time and energy. Data can be processed quickly and efficiently in batch mode with limited input from users, who can utilize Quick Step guides to navigate easily through the process. Additionally, users have access to readily customizable report templates that incorporate output data into interactive .pdf documents complete with summaries and embedded images, movies and associated spreadsheets.

  • Automated fusion routines register application-specific atlas to image data.
  • Eliminates need to hand-draw ROIs.
  • Reorientation tools allow for easy QC and manual correction.
  • Easily export quantitative results as spreadsheets to generate time-activity curves and more advanced analysis endpoints.
  • Flexible Atlas-key structure  and hemisphere analysis supported.
High Throughput modules

Vivo Software a seamless integration with iPACS

Read more about iPACS features

VivoQuant® and its Plug-ins work in a perfect synchronization with iPACS.

  • Synchronize the segmentation or any image analysis work done on numerous computers using VivoQuant® software.
  • iPACS users can update or complete 3D region of interest work initiated by other members of the team using their own VivoQuant® license.
  • žThe Session tool on VivoQuant® enables the user to save the current working environment in the exact location in VivoQuant® along with the current data loaded by saving their session on iPACS.


Intuitive analysis tools

  • Built-in tools for quantification, distance and size measurements, re-orientation, rigid transformation, cropping, etc.
  • Advanced drawing and quantification tools, including the new 3D ROI segmentation tool.
  • Quantification data export to CSV spreadsheet format.
  • Specialized analysis plug-in modules for individual tumor segmentation and brain mapping of NM/CT and fMRI brain data.

Powerful viewing features

  • Multi-modal display and co-registration (up to 3 modalities) of SPECT, PET, CT, MR and Optical data.
  • Import DICOM, NifTI, raw and more than 15 native pre-clinical data formats.
  • 3D image viewing with ability to export results in a variety of formats at any point in the workflow.
  • Easy-to-use image and movie creation and editing with export in any format, including time sequences for dynamic movie generation.
  • Volume rendering (MIP, ray casting).

VivoQuant® – iPACS® integration

  • Perform individual modifications in VivoQuant® when utilizing the iPACS High Throughput Modules.
  • Electronic record keeping, signature and version control for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is used in conjunction with iPACS.
  • Seamless data access integration.
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