Our diverse team of experts has experience in instrument engineering, signal processing, and pharmaceutical R&D; collectively resulting in a long history designing and executing in imaging studies. Our scientists have run hundreds of imaging studies across multiple therapeutic research areas – oncology, neuroscience, inflammation, cardiovascular, metabolic, and musculoskeletal – and our experience runs the gamut of applications. We understand the physiological and biochemical mechanisms that affect imaging – targets, models, kinetics, etc. This vast experience allows us to understand drug behavior and translate knowledge to effective studies and useful data.

We define imaging as assays that enable visualization of subcellular distribution and processes all the way to translational and diagnostic clinical imaging biomarkers – and everything in between. With all imaging techniques, we use methods to ensure data is quantifiable, and leverage our powerful

  • Studies may be single or multi-modal and may combine multiple isotopes or contrast mechanisms. When designing any study, we combine imaging theory, published methods, and the technical and professional expertise of our staff.

    in vivo Tissue-Based
    PET Quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography
    SPECT Microautoradiography
    MRI Optical 2D and 3D cryotomography
    x-ray CT Cryo-Flourescence Tomography
    Bioluminescence Routine and Specialized Histology
    Fluorescence Immunohistochemistry

  • Invicro can apply imaging techniques across therapeutic areas and species. We often develop imaging protocols for novel compounds, work through the radiochemistry needs together with the sponsor, and assist with animal model development as needed.

    • Structural/anatomical imaging
    • Biodistribution of radiolabeled compound
    • Target specificity and off-target accumulation
    • Drug efficacy and pharmacology
    • PK/PD efficacy evaluation
    • Vascular imaging – in vivo and ex vivo with AltaBlu
    • Tracer kinetic modeling
    • Candidate and dose selection studies
    • Safety assessment
    • Receptor Occupancy
    • Cell binding affinity, internalization, and bioactivity
  • Execution of these studies requires the skills of many scientific disciplines and the structure to enable the complex coordination of all facets of the experiment, including animal models, radiolabeled molecules, multiple timepoints, and multi-modal imaging. Invicro has built a research laboratory with services that are necessary to support the imaging endpoints, and we continue to advance and add to these services to meet the needs of sponsors.

    • Disease model development, including tumor inoculation
    • Pharmacology, efficacy, and biomarker study execution
    • Drug and imaging agent administration, including during scanning
    • Blood collection for whole blood, plasma, or serum PK analysis
    • Tissue collection
    • Gamma and liquid scintillation counting
    • Cell culture

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