Software Solutions

inviCRO offers multiple software packages specifically designed for preclinical and clinical imaging efforts that are now being used in novel translational projects.

VivoQuant is a DICOM-compliant viewing and post-processing suite. VivoQuant supports data from most imaging modalities and can read proprietary and non-Dicom formats from many vendors. It provides intuitive functionality including multi-modality fusion display and analysis tools for multiple modalities such as MR, PET, SPECT, CT, Optical etc..

High throughput modules  (HTmVQ) for VivoQuant are available. These plugins modules address the challenging bottlenecks imaging laboratories face in post-collection processing and analysis procedures by automating frequently  used routines.

iPACS® is a powerful web-based project management system designed for in vivo imaging applications. This platform allows for the efficient management, distribution, analysis and presentation of images and data associated with clinical and  preclinical studies. The iPACS product series (Connect, Discovery, Clinical and GLP) accommodates to specific customer needs to enhance study management productivity.