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iPACS® – Imaging Study Management System

The iPACS® study management analysis software is a sophisticated, time-saving, web-based resource designed for imaging laboratories. iPACS offers a wide range of functionality for the organizational, processing, reporting and regulatory needs of preclinical and clinical imaging efforts. World-wide internet access allows users to collaborate seamlessly. User activity, such as electronic signatures and an audit trail ensuring the necessary information for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, can be tracked in the iPACS with version control. The Invicro iPACS is available in 3 versions: the iPACS Discovery with preclinical batch processing tools, iPACS clinical for management of  human imaging data and the iPACS GLP that integrates the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant workflows.

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iPACS Discovery, iPACS Clinical and iPACS GLP

Data management image and non-image data (clinical and pre-clinical)

  • Central data repository supporting many in-vivo and ex-vivo imaging modalities.
  • Accepts DICOM and non-DICOM file formats from many different vendors: MR, SPECT, PET, CT, Bioluminescence, Fluorescence, etc.
  • Accepts 2D images such as histology and autoradiography with the possibility of batch upload. Customizable metadata information can also be associated with every 2D image.
  • Integrated study planner, DICOM browser and reporting templates.
  • Local or remote web access for multiple users, enabling multi-site collaboration.
  • Role-based access control with possible LDAP integration.
  • Possibility of sharing data under a secure link with a third party.
  • Ability to link repository of complementary information with DICOM browser.
  • Electronic record keeping (21 CFR Part 11 compatible, version controlled WebDisk, audit logs and electronic signatures).
  • Bank-level secure authentication and encrypted data transfer (via HTTPS and SSH).

High throughput analysis modules and report generation from iPACS platform

  • Automated batch segmentation routines to perform tumor and brain analysis.
  • Automated batch upload and association of customizable metadata information to any 2D image.
  • Optical analysis tool (Luminescence).
  • Output data integrated with iPACS® data repository and VivoQuant®™ for easy viewing and manual adjustments.
  • Reporting engine enables user-specified content (images, metadata, analysis output, etc).

iPACS DropZone and data link: collaborate easily with non-iPACS users

  • Generate public links to your iPACS data with access limitations (password, time, email identification, etc.) to share data with non-iPACS users. This enables the sharing of large data with people outside your company’s iPACS network. iPACS can even send an email notification to the recipient.
  • iPACS DropZone enables non-iPACS users to upload data on your iPACS session in a secure manner.

iPACS Webdisk: manage any non-image file associated with a project

  • Load your study protocol or any information.
  • Enter the quality control images and data from your imaging system.
  • Store files in any file format.
  • Generate Spreadsheets, Reports, PowerPoint and Image Files.
  • Upload files to current project via manual to fully automated scheduled data transfers  (multi-file upload supported for HTML5-compliant browsers).
  • Create folders or sub-folders to further organize files.
  • Search for files on the WebDisk with a full text indexing search engine.

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