iPACS® is Invicro’s web-based project management system designed for image study management applications. This platform allows for the efficient management, distribution, analysis and presentation of images and data associated with studies. The iPACS study management analysis software is a sophisticated, time-saving, web-based resource designed for imaging laboratories. iPACS offers a wide range of functionality for the organizational, processing, reporting and regulatory needs of preclinical and clinical imaging efforts. World-wide internet access allows users to collaborate seamlessly. User activity, such as electronic signatures and an audit trail ensuring the necessary information for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, can be tracked in the iPACS with version control. The iPACS portal has been widely accepted in top 25 pharmaceutical companies as their primary image study management system. The iPACS platform is available in four versions: the iPACS Discovery, VisualSonics iPACS, iPACS Clinical and the iPACS GLP.

  • iPACS Data Management

    Installed at 70% of the Top Pharmaceutical Companies

    Data Management

    Uses project-tree data organization with role-based authorization for image study management of image and non-image data. Supports storing and indexing of image data sets across multiple modalities including but not limited to CT, PET, SPECT, MR, Ultrasound and Optical. Includes extensive query function to search over image metadata and non-image files (e.g. WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL, etc.).

    Stress-free installation

    We work directly with your IT group to plan and deliver the iPACS software within your internal data center. Optionally, the iPACS can be delivered on an Invicro recommended server or within Invicro’s Cloud.

    Simplified data transfer

    Enhance productivity with bidirectional communication between iPACS and VivoQuant®™, offering a seamless solution for managing, viewing and analyzing image data and associated files. Batch transfer data from DICOM clients and storage drives. Share data easily via public links and iPACS dropzone.

    Easy and secure access
    Access the iPACS web-based server from any terminal with authenticated network access (Supported Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 11+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Securely sync to Invicro hosted iPACS for remote cloud access (available upon request).

    • iPACS Discovery

      The iPACS® Discovery is a sophisticated, time-saving, web-based global data management solution designed for pharmaceutical and large pre-clinical imaging laboratories. Incorporate efficient batch processing and reporting capabilities into analysis workflows to increase study productivity. Easily connect imaging instruments from multiple manufacturers that export DICOM or native image formats. Secure, web-based access and complete integration with VivoQuant®™ allows users to access, view, and analyze their data and collaborate seamlessly.

    • iPACS Clinical

      The Clinical Data Management iPACS enables secure, intelligent and efficient submissions of clinical and nonclinical image data from external sites. iPACS users can manage the transfer and organization of study data from multiple imaging trials across multiple imaging centers. Smart-Transfer protocols provide simple user data transfer workflows with minimal software footprint required from the sending site. Provides near real-time access to data and offers restricted access to submission data for submitters, reviewers and general iPACS users. In addition, user workflows can be implemented in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant manner.

    • iPACS GLP

      The iPACS® GLP is a FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant GLP data archiving and audit management solution. It is designed for pharmaceutical and large pre-clinical imaging laboratories. Control project states and secures reliable records with extensive audit management and reporting while maintaining all projects under version control.

    • VisualSonics iPACS

      The VisualSonics iPACS is specifically built to meet the needs of imaging scientists working with data from the FUJIFILM VisualSonics Vevo® Imaging Systems. Images, associated metadata and analysis results can be transferred and managed by the iPACS for data mining and aggregation into meaningful output that can be easily shared with internal and external collaborators.

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