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Imanova is proud to be involved with the DPUK

DPUK’s 2016 conference, held in April, focused on how the platform enables more and better dementia research. Imanova is proud to be involved in this major UK initiative and to help progress the understanding of Dementia.

Imanova’s renowned scientists presented several studies at the conference about:

  • Imaging Aβ and Tau in Early Stage AD with [18F]AV45 and [18F]AV1451
  • Enabling the use of PET Radiotracers for Deementia Research
  • Imaging Amyloid, Neuroinflammation and Tau in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease: a PET study

You can consult these and other studies and presentations in the Post Conference Pack:

Also during this conference, Prof. Paul Matthews explained the special contribution the UK is making to the International Landscape with PET/MR Imaging and how this is optimised through the DPUK imaging infrastructure, state of the art imaging equipment being installed in 5 universities (one of which is at Imanova) and the DPUK imaging platform. In his presentation he acknowledged the role Imanova will have with PET aquisition, reconstruction and analysis.

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