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PET-MRI [Machine], now physically on the ground

London, July 2016: Imanova is pleased to announce the arrival of the Medical Research Council (MRC) funded PET-MRI scanner.  Funding was awarded to Imperial College London, after determining that this innovative PET-MRI scanner would be installed at the London-based Centre for Imaging – Imanova Limited.

This new PET-MRI scanner is part of Dementias Platform UK’s (DPUK) new Imaging Network, creating the first nationally coordinated PET-MRI network anywhere in the world (


With this acquisition Imanova will have a total of five clinical scanners to complement its extensive PET radiochemistry facilities, which include two cyclotrons and 24 hot cells. This places the company in a unique position to support academic research and drug development for the pharmaceutical industry.

Prof Roger Gunn, based at Imanova and Imperial College, explains that “combining PET and MRI will provide researchers and drug developers with a unique tool to better understand disease progression and to monitor the effectiveness of novel therapies. Imanova is already working closely with scientists at Imperial and researchers in pharma whose studies will benefit from this innovative technology.”

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