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Imanova delivers 11 presentations at NRM2016

Imanova’s Scientists have delivered 11 presentations at the “Functional NeuroReceptor Mapping of the Living Brain” Conference in Boston.

NRM, since its inception in 1997, has become the premier CNS molecular imaging meeting and Imanova made a very strong testament to its quality and international standing by showing the highest number of presentations of any group.

View some of the presentations and posters below:

  • Spatiotemporal distribution of β-amyloid in Alzheimer ’s disease results from heterogeneous regional carrying capacities – Alex Whittington, David J. Sharp & Roger N. Gunn Read the full presentation
  • Imaging Aβ and Tau in Early Stage AD with [18F]AV45 and [18F]AV1451 – Azadeh Firouzian, Alexander Whittington, Graham Searle, Ivan Koychev, Simon Lovestone, Roger N. Gunn Read the full presentation
  • Validation of reference tissue quantification of [11C]-IMA107 for PDE10A enzyme availability in the human brain – Ayla Mansur, Robert Comley, Christophe Boetsch, Patricia Sanwald-Ducray, Roger N. Gunn, Eugenii A. Rabiner, Graham E. SearleRead the full presentation
  • Estimation of D2 receptor upregulation following repeat dose antagonist administration – Eugenii A. Rabiner and Roger N. Gunn Read the full presentation
  • Imaging the Imidazoline2 Binding Site with the Novel PET ligand 11C-BU99008 in Humans: Pharmacological Characterisation – Tyacke RJ, Myers J, Turton S, Venkataraman A, Mick I, Ramada-Magalhaes J, Chong H, Mos S, Passchier J, Rabiner EA, Gunn RN, Parker CA & Nutt DJ Read the full presentation
  • Strategies to ensure quality, consistency and reproducibility of PET analysis – Graham Searle, Christopher Coello and Roger Gunn View the Poster
  • In Vivo Characterisation of 11C-BU99008 in Humans: A Novel PET Ligand for the Imidazoline2 Binding Site – Myers JFM, Tyacke RJ,  Turton S, Venkataraman A, Mick I, Hill S, Chong H, Mos S, Passchier J, Rabiner EA, Parker CA, Gunn RN, & Nutt DJ View the Poster 
  • Preclinical evaluation of the PDE2A tracer [18F]PF-05270430 in healthy rats – Matusiak N, Tang S-P, Coello C, Smyth E, Wells L.A and Plisson C View the Poster
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