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PET Rocks!

Imanova - PET Rocks

London, August 2015: For the older amongst us, who remember the 1970’s, pet rocks were a dleeting and slightly silly. Flip forward a few decades, and PET rocks are back!

In July 2015, Imanova performed the first PET rock scan in a project in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial College as part of the Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Centre. By using a carbon-11 solution in water, we hope to be able to provide valuable information on how liquids diffuse through and interact with rock core samples.

Nicholas Keat, Ct Physicist and his team at Imanova working with Ronny Pini, Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and his group to pump a radioactive solution through a cylindrical sample within one of the clinical PET scanners.

An image from the experiment is shown below (activity is shown in yellow/orange and is being pumped through the core sample. Images from left to right show cross section through the sample and slices along the horizontal and verticle planes).

Imanova - PET Rocks 2

As well as scanner data, the Allogg blood sampler was used to provide information on the activity within the fluid flowing out of the sample, as shown below.Imanova - PET Rocks 3

This will be useful to the petroleum industry, both in relation to extraction of oil from deposits, as well as investigating how carbon dioxide can be pumped into undersea rocks to help reduce environmental CO2. There are a total of five scans planned under the current agreement, with the latest one carried out last week.

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