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VivoQuant 1.22 is now released

Invicro is excited to announce the release of VivoQuant 1.22. With new and expanded functionality, this version continues to deliver the premier multi-modality image viewing and analysis platform which you and your team have come to expect from Invicro. VivoQuant 1.22 provides enhanced tools to streamline your image analysis workflows for all of your SPECT, CT, PET, MR and optical imaging data.
Please also see attached flyer for more details.

Please join us for an overview of new and improved features in VivoQuant 1.22 (see attached flyer for more details and links):

WebEx Demos on
February 21, 11am EST (US), 5pm CET (Europe)
as well as
March 21, 11am EDT (US), 4pm CET (Europe)

VivoQuant users will be introduced to:

  • Revamped Registration and Reorientation Tool with stronger 2D & 3D capabilities
  • Improved 3D ROI tool with Newly Added Interpolation Tool, Undo/Redo Support and Expanded Keyboard Shortcuts
  • New Dosimetry Tool
  • Expanded VivoScript Capabilities, allowing more batch processing and automation
  • High definition renderings thanks to new Image Magnification Tool
  • VivoQuant Session Tool with iPACS Integrated
  • Improved Data Loading and Handling of DICOM and non-DICOM Image Data
  • Expanded Scriptable Workflows
  • Now also available on Linux (RHEL 5 compatible)
  • and much more!

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